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Australian produce treated with the upmost respect to create unique speciality food products.


Launching Frank Fawkner's star product "Black G"


Australian garlic that is heat treated to ferment over a 3 week process, where day by day the sugars in the garlic are released and caramelised.


The end result  is Black G a dark, caramelised, sweet and umami flavoured garlic.

Black Garlic Nutritional Information

BLACK GARLIC - serve size 10g

                        Average per serve        Average per 100g

Energy               57kj                               570g

Protein              0.88g                            8.8g

Saturated Fat    0.02g                            0.2g

Fat                     0.07g                            0.7g  

Sugars               1.5g                              15g

Sodium               0.52mg                        5.2mg      


All Products are made in Australia with local ingredients


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